Cottage Country Issues – Road and Access

Paul Rabinovitch was invited to speak at the ILCO Advanced Real Estate Law Program.  Paul’s presentation revolved around cottage country road and access issues.  His discussion points included

  • types of roads,
  • municipal road procedures,
  • possessory road claims,
  • registered and unregistered access,
  • Crown land issues,
  • types of water bodies,
  • water’s edge and deed issues,
  • in-water structures,
  • erosion, accretion and flooded land, and
  • public authorities regulating water bodies.

Below is a link to view Paul’s speaking notes, which provide insight into the areas of concern that buyers, sellers, real estate agents and real estate lawyers should consider when purchasing or selling properties in cottage country. Also attached are comprehensive checklists for road access and water/waterfront issues.  These are included in order to provide a better understanding of the potential issues you may want to consider, or may encounter, when purchasing property located in cottage country.

Speaking Notes: Cottage Country Road and Access Issues

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