Ron Crane wins Huronia Community Foundation Individual Circle of Honour Award

Ron Crane of our office has won the Huronia Community Foundation Individual Circle of Honour Award. The Award is presented in recognition of a Huronia Community philanthropist for his/her exceptional financial and volunteer commitment to our community and their skills in co-ordinating and motivating groups of volunteers for fundraising projects for the benefit of local charitable causes.
Ron Crane has been an active member of our community since he joined as a partner in the law firm of HGR Graham Partners LLP:
Member and Director of Midland Rotary Club and instrumental in the organization of Party At the Dock which has raised over $74,000 for the community. As well the Rotary Club worked with Community Living Huronia in Midland to join volunteer teams together to create new sponsorship relations and build community awareness for the event. Ron is credited with supporting his club members and making it a positive experience for everyone.
As president/director of Midland Rotary which is a volunteer role demanding extra hours of dedication and time away from business and family demands, Ron exceeded the demands of this roll and made it a great experience for everyone.
Vice Chair of the HCF and member of the board until 2013 actively supporting its efforts and growth to a foundation which now manages over $2.2 million dollars in funds and has given away almost $1 million to various charities and other deserving persons in the community.
Advisory Board Member of the Start Local Project for film arts in Midland as well as founding Chairperson for the Pine River Institute and the Chairperson of the Board for the Cheshire Home Foundation while he was in Toronto.
Past Director and Chair of the Huronia District Hospital Board
Past Director of the North Simcoe Emergency and Transitional Residential Projects Corporation
Volunteer for the Georgia Angels Network

Ron Crane Lawyer

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