We are pleased to accept invitations for speaking engagements on topics that may be of interest to your business, not-for-profit organization, group, board of directors or association. If you are looking for a speaker for a regular meeting or a special event, call any of our offices listed below or email: speakers@hgrgp.ca to find our more about this complimentary service.

Here’s an example of speech themes that our lawyers are prepared to address:

Professional Negligence and Insurance Agents and Brokers - A case law review of the Duty of Care

Christopher Salazar

Becoming the Legal Guardian of an Incapable Individual - How To and What it Means

Ellen Brohm

Do I need a Marriage Contract/Cohabitation Agreement? 

Wendy Miller


Buying or Selling a Business - What You Need to Know

John Walker

10 Tips for Buying Cottages 

Paul Rabinovitch

Dealing with High Conflict People in Family Law Disputes

Sonya Jain


All You Need to Know about the new Not-For-Profit Corporation

Kellie Beasley

What Happens when the Marriage Ends

Donna Macfarlane

Legal Tools for Private Land Conservation

Paul Peterson

Avoiding Litigation - Anatomy of a Lawsuit

Andrew Mae

Best Kept Secrets of Wills and Powers of Attorney

Christine Manners

New Forms of Housing Development

Ron Crane

How Family Businesses are Different

Bruce Waite

Common Misconceptions about Wills and Powers of Attorney - Let's Clear them up!

Lysanne Cholette

Small Claims Court - A cheap and efficient way to recover money owed to you. 

Karen Scott, Paralegal

Putting your Affairs in Order

John Gignac


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