The Honourable Peter H. Howden, Q.C. has Joined the Firm as Counsel.

Peter Howden

HGR Graham Partners LLP proudly announces that the Honourable Peter H. Howden, Q.C. has joined the firm as counsel. Peter’s career as a decision maker commenced in 1982 when he was appointed to the Ontario Municipal Board where he rose to the position of Vice Chair. In 1992 he was elevated to the Superior Court Bench, a rare distinction to move to the Superior Court from an administrative tribunal. Peter served on the Superior Court until his retirement in December of 2014.

Peter’s career on the bench resulted in well-thought out and intellectual decisions in a spectrum of legal areas. However, Peter always maintained his keen interest in the public policy related to municipal legal matters, and his decisions in those areas were often leading.

Through his office at HGR Graham Partners, Peter will make himself available to law firms, clients, municipalities and others for research and opinions on a wide variety of matters – from municipal issues, real estate to land use planning and development, commercial contracts, personal injury, negligence matters and others. He will also be available for mediation of disputes relating that might be headed for determination at the OMB or the Courts.

For more information or to arrange an appointment or teleconference, contact his assistant, Susan, at 705-737-1811 or

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