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Our Penetang office, located in the Penetang Mall, is a vibrant office presently consisting of two associates, two partners and our legacy founder John Gignac. We serve our clients’ real estate and, wills and estates needs. We also provide representation to our clients for other areas of law that may require more specialized focus.

John Gignac, with deep roots in the Penetanguishene area, exemplifies the firm’s commitment to community.  He served as Chair of Penetanguishene General Hospital Board, Chair of the Huronia Hospital Alliance, and as a member of the boards of many community organizations. John Gignac, who has been called the heart of the firm, initially felt felt faxes would be a fad and they didn’t need a machine, opining that the partners could pick them up at the copy shop daily.  While our technology is now 21st century, John contributed enormously to the culture and success of the firm with his strong legal and client relationship skills. Our partner Suzanne Poole is a hometown person who practices real estate and wills and estates law.

Meet Our Penetanguishene Legal Team Lawyers in Penetanguishene, Ontario

  • Riley Brooks

    Riley Brooks


    Phone: 705.737.1249 ext. 171

    Email: Riley Brooks

    Meet Riley Brooks

  • Michael Hanton

    Michael Hanton


    Phone: 705.737.1249 ext. 123

    Email: Michael Hanton

    Meet Michael Hanton

  • Joshua Matson

    Joshua Matson


    Phone: 705.737.1249 ext. 175

    Email: Joshua Matson

    Meet Joshua Matson

  • Ethan McIsaac

    Ethan McIsaac


    Phone: 705.327.6656 ext. 351

    Email: Ethan McIsaac

    Meet Ethan McIsaac

  • Jennifer Parker

    Jennifer Parker


    Phone: 705.526.2232 ext. 274

    Email: Jennifer Parker

    Meet Jennifer Parker

  • Anna Pilon

    Anna Pilon


    Phone: 705.526.2232 ext. 279

    Email: Anna Pilon

    Meet Anna Pilon

  • Suzanne Poole

    Suzanne Poole


    Phone: 705.526.2232 ext. 237

    Email: Suzanne Poole

    Meet Suzanne Poole

  • Julia Wallace

    Julia Wallace


    Phone: 705.526.2232 ext. 286

    Email: Julia Wallace

    Meet Julia Wallace

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"Good service, easy to work with"

"Extremely happy with the service provided"

"Your service was excellent and very efficient"

"Top notch service. No improvement necessary"

"Good service, friendly approach"

"They’re efficient and do a great job"


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