Minor Variances & Zoning Amendments

Minor Variances

A minor variance is an authorized change to a standard requirement under a municipality’s zoning bylaw. Minor variances, for most municipalities, are granted by a Committee of Adjustments or Land Use Committee. A minor variance may permit a landowner to construct, renovate, or alter a building in a way that does not meet the requirements of the municipality’s zoning bylaw. A minor variance may also be necessary if a landowner wishes to expand or change a use that is considered “legal non-conforming”.

We can assist you with a minor variance application including preparing the required documents, finding evidence of legal non-conforming uses, and submitting applications.

Zoning Amendments

The difference between a minor variance and a zoning amendment application is that a minor variance permits you to do something notwithstanding a zoning bylaw, whereas a zoning amendment application changes the zoning of your property. When your zoning is changed, this changes the requirements that the property must adhere to.

We can assist you with a zoning amendment application including preparing and submitting the application, applying to amend the municipality’s Official Plan, and completing any other requirements a municipality may require. If you require a zoning amendment application or have any questions, please call and request a consultation.

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Minor Variances and Zoning Amendments

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