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Andrew Mae - HGR Graham Partners LLP
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His areas of practice are:

  • all aspects of commercial litigation (focusing on contract claims, shareholders’ disputes, commercial landlord/tenant disputes and professional negligence claims)
  • employment law (including human rights claims)
  • land/property disputes (including boundary disputes, easement/right of way claims, title defects, road access matters and mortgage enforcement)

He has extensive advocacy experience both in the United Kingdom and Ontario. He has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal as well as various administrative tribunals.

His clients range from large companies, insurance companies, municipal governments and banks to small businesses and individuals.

He is a keen proponent of mediation and alternate dispute resolution. He focuses on trying to find practical and cost-effective solutions for his clients.

Andrew immigrated to Canada in 2003 from Wales. Prior to coming to Canada, Andrew was the managing partner of a successful law practice in Wales which he joined in 1986, initially as a legal clerk/paralegal. While practising in Wales he sat as an adjudicator for the Legal Services Commission and was a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel.

He obtained his LL.B. from the University of West England, Bristol in 1991 and was called as a Solicitor in England and Wales in 1994.

He was called as an attorney in New York in 2002 and to the Ontario Bar in 2004.

Andrew has proudly served as a deputy judge of the Small Claims Court since 2017.

When he is not practising law or spending time with his family, he can be found either in a recording studio or working out. In his younger days he played rugby (naturally – he’s Welsh) and then full contact football from which he retired at the young age of 37.


  • Legal Education: University of West England (LL.B. 1991)
  • Admitted to Bar: 1994 as a Solicitor in England and Wales, 2002 State Bar of New York, 2004 Ontario Bar
  • Areas of Practice: Corporate and commercial law, Civil litigation – focusing on commercial and business disputes, employment law and land/property related disputes.

“Thank you both kindly for your quick turnaround”

I have gained a wealth of knowledge through this process.


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