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Karen Scott - HGR Graham Partners LLP
Karen Scott - HGR Graham Partners LLP
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Karen oversees collections for large and small businesses. Over the years she has successfully collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from individuals and corporate debtors in a cost effective and timely manner, often collecting costs and overdue interest in addition to the debt owed. Unlike collection agencies, there is no “contingency fee” or percentage charged. Karen can assist with collections anywhere in the Province of Ontario.

Karen specializes in secured and unsecured debt collections through Small Claims Court. She locates debtors’ assets and enforces judgements through garnishment of bank account and wages, as well as through Sheriff’s seizure and sale of property and assets. Karen has also represented landlords for residential tenant matters.

Karen joined HGR Graham Partners LLP in 2006 as a Paralegal. Karen first started working in the debt collections field in 1983 with a trust company in Vancouver, B.C. She moved to Toronto in 1985 and joined the mortgage department of a major Canadian life insurance company, where she later became Supervisor of Mortgage Administration and Collections. In 1988, after completing courses at George Brown College, Karen joined a Toronto law firm as a Paralegal, and managed collection and Power of Sale files for financial institution clients. Prior to joining HGR Graham Partners, Karen was the Supervisor of the Collections Department at one of Canada’s foremost law firms for over eight years.

Like others at HGRGP, Karen made the decision to leave the big city for cottage life, and moved with her husband to their place in Washago on the Black River. Karen is a Paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and has been a speaker at seminars on the topic of Small Claims Court procedures and judgement enforcement.

If you would like to speak to Karen, feel free to contact her directly.


  • Legal Education: George Brown College
  • Certification: Licensed as a Paralegal by the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Areas of Practice: Collections, Small Claims Court, Residential Landlord & Tenant Law


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