Graham Partners LLP (“GP”) was formerly known as Graham, Wilson & Green, a firm founded in 1975. Marshall Green was one of the founding partners of the firm along with John Graham and Tom Wilson. Wendy Miller, formerly a sole practitioner, merged her practice with GP in 2011.

Graham Partners established their reputation for excellence as a full-service law firm serving Barrie and surrounding areas, with a particular expertise in municipal law and wills and estate planning.

With the merger of Graham Partners with HGR and Wendy Miller, came expansion and a broadening of the firm’s practice areas. The Barrie office of the firm now engages clients with a robust family law department, well respected construction law and estate litigators, and of course continuing its strong presence in the real estate and municipal law arena.

Meet Our Barrie Legal Team Lawyers in Barrie, Ontario

  • Lori Aylwin

    Lori Aylwin


    Phone: 705.737.1249 ext. 147

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  • Jillian Brazda

    Jillian Brazda


    Phone: 705.737.1249 ext. 127

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  • Riley Brooks

    Riley Brooks


    Phone: 705.737.1249 ext. 171

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  • Michael Chan

    Michael Chan


    Phone: 705.737.1249 ext. 180

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  • Michael Hanton

    Michael Hanton


    Phone: 705.737.1249 ext. 123

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  • Victoria Hanton

    Victoria Hanton


    Phone: 705.737.1249 ext. 167

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  • Thomas Heron

    Thomas Heron


    Phone: 705.327.6656 ext. 313

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  • Joshua Matson

    Joshua Matson


    Phone: 705.737.1249 ext. 175

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  • Ethan McIsaac

    Ethan McIsaac


    Phone: 705.327.6656 ext. 351

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  • Wendy Miller

    Wendy Miller


    Phone: 705.737.1811 ext. 128

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  • Richard Moran

    Richard Moran


    Phone: 705.526.2232 ext. 290

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    Meet Richard Moran

  • Paul Rabinovitch

    Paul Rabinovitch


    Phone: 705.737.1811 ext. 134

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  • Karen Scott

    Karen Scott


    Phone: 705.737.1811 ext. 106

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  • Tom Tsakopoulos

    Tom Tsakopoulos


    Phone: 705.737.1811 ext. 148

    Email: Tom Tsakopoulos

    Meet Tom Tsakopoulos

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